Elements for premium-class cars

IMEX Tuning is all about producing aftermarket tuning parts for
premium-class cars in the automotive industry.

Concept design

We're a company that specializes in concept design, modelling and producing car parts for premium-class cars. Thanks to our graphic studio we are able to design concepts of the new car parts (spoilers, diffusers, bumpers etc.).


Besides concept design, we also do the modelling and prototyping. That phase of development is always done on the one's car. Thanks to that fact we can guarantee OEM-like fitment.


Imex Tuning is also a production facility. We can offer production of previously modelled prototypes. Thanks to the fact, that the production process is entirely hand-made we can guarantee the high quality of the end product.

What have we done so far

When it comes to products made out from epoxy resin, we're an experienced team that
developed various things over the years: car replicas, race car parts, Paris-Dakar custom cars,
furniture, aerodynamic sets for regular street cars, stadium seats and so on...

  • Car Body Kits

    Without doubt this one is by far the most extensive department in the company. We produce body kits for many renowned worldwide tuning brands.

  • Car Replicas

    When it comes to car replicas we've also got some experience in doing the entire bodywork. We recreated such carosseries like

  • Custom speaker shells

    Rich experience of the company helped us with creating some custom speaker shell designs.

  • Automotive furniture

    Thanks to our experience in the automotive industry we crafted some unique furniture inspired by the world's most awesome cars.

  • "Dummy Cars"

    We are able to model "car dummies" - epoxy-based shells that reflect actual cars. This is a very good way to make your building stand out by attaching a dummy car to the wall or by placing it on the roof.

  • Stadium Seats

    We designed and produced some short series of custom seats for our local team's stadium. The major difference between our seats and the plastic-based ones is in the custom finish (city logo) and the overall stiffness of the seat.

Interested in doing a new series of aerodynamic kits
or some other stuff based on epoxy resin?

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